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  • July 30, 2021

The world is a mess.

That’s the headline from a new report by McKinsey and Co., which predicts the planet will be in even worse shape by 2100.

It predicts that we’ll have a world of about a quarter of a billion people by 2100, and about 1 billion by 2050.

It calls this a “global food crisis,” with about three-quarters of humanity already facing a food shortage.

The McKinsey report comes on the heels of the United Nations’ report that the world faces a global food crisis, which the UN said was “the worst since the Great Depression.”

While there are plenty of reasons why the world is facing a crisis, the report notes that we have not been doing enough to prepare for it.

The report points to “famine and pestilence,” the spread of diseases and malnutrition, as a major factor in the problem.

“We are failing to produce enough food and to feed people enough food to survive,” the report reads.

In fact, it argues that the United States and Canada, the two countries with the most food-producing countries in the world, have “a lot to lose” if we don’t do something about this.

In the report, McKinsey estimates that, as of 2020, the United Kingdom will have more food-insecure people than at any time in the past, with about 30 percent more than in 1900.

It also notes that Canada will have a food deficit of at least 30 percent by 2050, and the United Arab Emirates has a food gap of at most 1 percent.

The United States is not far behind.

The U.S. has an estimated 1.2 billion people who are food insecure, the most of any country.

According to the U.N., that means about 6 million people in the U, S. and D. The average food insecurity rate in the United Sates is about 3.4 percent.

In other words, it’s not hard to see how a food crisis could be felt far beyond the U of S and D, as the country is home to more than three times the U’s population.

McKinsey also said that if we’re not getting enough food, then we’re probably not getting food at all.

“Food insecurity is an economic issue, but it is also a social problem,” said Dr. Daniela Kucinskas, the executive director of the McKinsey Global Institute.

“In some ways it is the most important challenge facing humanity today, and that’s why it’s such a pressing issue.”

The report comes just a week after the United Nation’s Human Development Report, released last week, warned that a world in which about half the world’s population is food insecure could be a disaster.

As we’ve discussed previously, a world with 50 percent food insecurity is one that’s not only worse off than the current situation, but is also expected to be one of the most economically and environmentally unsustainable.

“A world in the midst of an economic crisis is not just worse off, but also more vulnerable to a host of challenges,” the UN report said.

“It is a world where the poor are already facing growing challenges, from water shortages and air pollution to climate change and hunger.”

The U S. is a prime example of this.

According in the report: “At least 30 million Americans rely on the food system to feed themselves, their families and the broader population.

That includes nearly a quarter (23.5 million) of the US population.”

And in addition to the food that is going to be hard to come by, the UN noted that the food crisis in the US is not limited to the poor.

“Despite a massive increase in the population over the past three decades, food insecurity has grown in the middle class and has increased in the poorest groups,” the US. report read.

“The share of the population in food insecure households is also higher in the wealthiest groups.”

And that’s just in the food-deprived areas of the country.

In 2017, food security in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, was reported as only a 4.6 percent food secure rate.

The same year, in Washington, DC, the number of food insecure people was a whopping 47.3 percent, while the poverty rate was a mere 6.9 percent.

“There is a food-stamp shortage, but not one in the areas that we study,” the McKinley report said, noting that food stamp use in the country “has remained constant over time.”

In the United states, there is a very high level of food insecurity in areas with very high levels of poverty.

The poorest 20 percent of households have a hunger rate that is higher than that of the richest 20 percent, the McKinseys report found.

And the food insecurity gap in the richest states is even larger, with a whopping 9.7 percent of the poorest households experiencing food insecurity.

In a sense, the food crises in the developing world are a direct result of the same factors that are causing our food crisis. There

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