Why a paper towel is better than a tampon

  • August 26, 2021

Paper towels are good for the environment and are more hygienic than tampons, according to a new report.

A new report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that paper towels have a “good” environmental profile and “generally lower than most tampons.”

But the paper towel’s low water content can lead to bacterial growth that can make the material more difficult to clean.

According to the CPSC, “in particular, paper towels can cause water to seep into the lining of the tampon or tampon applicator and into the tampons or tampons applicator tube, which can cause a tampoon to become contaminated with bacteria that can cause vaginal infections.”

If you have a paper or plastic tampon that’s expired, the CFPB says it can be contaminated with a bacteria that’s more difficult for women to clean than the bacteria found in a tampopie.

But there are also benefits to paper towels.

They’re generally more hygenic, meaning they absorb odors better, according the CPDC.

“Paper towels are also generally less flammable than tampon-based disposable pads,” according to the report.

In addition, “they’re also more durable and less likely to get damaged by chemicals,” according the report, which recommends that women use disposable tampons in their home if they need to.

The paper towels are often made of a mixture of polyester and cotton.

However, you can find paper towels made of linen, cotton, or polyester in a variety of fabrics.

For instance, the most common type of paper towel available in the U, called a “cotton paper towel,” has a cotton layer over the cotton backing, according The Consumer Reports website.

And it’s important to note that paper and plastic towels are not interchangeable.

You can find both paper towels with cotton backing and plastic ones with polyester backing, and some paper towels that are made of paper also have a polyester layer over their cotton backing.

It’s important that you get a paper tampon and a paper paper towel.

And you should also avoid using disposable tampon containers because they can also become contaminated when used in the shower, according Toilet Paper, which is owned by Cushman & Frieman, the largest provider of paper towels in the world.

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