The best paper towels in Australia?

  • November 1, 2021

Aussie paper towels are in high demand in the developing world, with some consumers spending thousands of dollars a year on them.

The new article in the New Zealand Herald says the Australian paper towels have become more popular in Africa.

The article says the paper towels from Australia’s Carrizo-Garcia family are among the best in the world.

They are made from recycled materials.

“In Africa, where paper towels remain one of the most important products for daily life, Carrizos produce their paper towels by hand, using locally sourced raw materials and hand-rolled sheets of recycled plastic,” the article said.

“This has enabled the family to produce the best paper towel in the market, and in fact the world.”

The article said the Carrizes also produced the highest quality paper towels at a premium, but the paper towel market is not cheap.

“The Carrizos have been a strong Australian family since 1875, with a history of providing the best quality paper towel available at a fair price,” it said.

It said the family has also produced some of the best branded paper towels available.

It says there are over 7,500 Carriza brands.

The Herald said the paper was “a luxury item and one that has attracted attention in the developed world, particularly the developing countries”.

It said Carrizeras quality control and manufacturing facilities are now more than a decade old.

A report in the Australian Financial Times in July said the brand Carrizi had a “great reputation and strong brand value” and had been sold in Australia by other brands.

It reported that in 2018, the Carribias annual profit was $10 million, compared with $11 million for the global Carrizzi group.

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