How to use hemp paper towel to make paperless paper towel

  • November 2, 2021

We’re using hemp paper and paperless towels to make a paperless towel that’s also environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

And it’s also a super-quick, fun, and easy DIY project.

It’s called Hemp Paper Towels and it’s made of 100% hemp paper.

We used hemp paper because it’s super cheap and easy to buy, and it also happens to be the most eco-friendly paper on the market.

And if you want to use a non-hemp paper towel for paper, we’ve got a vegan paper towel that you can use.

You can find more tips for making paperless products and more vegan products in our post, How to Make Vegan Paper Towel.

We also wanted to make hemp paper available to all, so we made a free PDF for you.

It shows you how to make this DIY paper towel, and you can download it to print out.

It also includes a vegan-friendly tutorial, so you can get started with this easy DIY paper towels.

How to Make Hemp Paper Towels DIY Paper Towles 1.

Cut a square of hemp paper into the desired size.

This can be a sheet or a rectangle.

The squares will look like this.


Fold a piece of paper into a square, like this: 3.

Press the fold out piece into the paper.


Fold the fold in a circle around the square.


Put the fold back into place.

This will make a rectangle, or square.

It should look like the one below.


Put a folded piece of hemp on top of the fold-out piece, like in the picture below. 


Fold and press it in. 8.

Repeat with the folded piece.


Now, you can put the folded paper into your towel.


Press and fold the paper so that it’s a rectangle that’s about 4.5 inches wide by 5.5 feet long. 


Take the folded square out and fold it in the same way. 


Cut a rectangle and put it over the folded rectangle, like the picture above. 


Put the folded squares into the towel, making sure the edges are aligned. 


Place the folded sheets in a dry, warm place, like a towel. 


Cover with plastic wrap, or a dry cloth, to keep the paper towels in place.

 You can use the hemp paper for paper as well, but it won’t be as environmentally friendly.


Wrap the paper towel in paper or plastic. 


Use your paper towel as a decorative piece. 


Wash the paper in the dishwasher and dry.


Remove the hemp from the paper and place it in a bowl.


Dry your hemp paper on a clean towel.

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