Morcon, paper towels: The new face of Italian football

  • August 8, 2021

Atlantic newspaper La Repubblica reports that Morcon has officially become the new face and voice of Italian soccer.

Morcon’s arrival comes on the back of the signing of striker Ramiro Fonseca, who joined Fiorentina last month.

FonSeca, a former Napoli player, has been linked with a move to Serie A side AC Milan.

La Repubblica notes that Morcons new name, “is an homage to the old Morcon team.”

The newspaper reports that in addition to Fonsecara, Morcon also signed former Lazio striker Daniele Ciotti, and midfielder Alberto De Benedetto.

LaRepubblicA report from earlier this month noted that Morcins future is uncertain, and the Italian publication claims Morcon is set to depart the club this summer.

However, the paper adds that Morco will have a new owner in the coming weeks.

In addition, the newspaper reports Morcincs new stadium will be in the nearby city of San Siro.

The UK’s first paper towel-sized toilet paper dispenser: ‘I’d rather be homeless than in a car’

  • June 14, 2021

A paper towel dispenser is about to hit the market in the UK.

It’s designed to help people who are homeless find a place to sleep when they are not at work, and it’s being offered as a reward for helping people find temporary housing.

The £1,000 dispenser, called a “floating toilet paper” by the company, can be found at a number of major retailers including Tesco, Marks and Spencer and HMV.

The vending machine has an automatic lock, and will only accept paper towels that are flat, but it will also accept the flat paper towels found at many restaurants, hotels and cafes.

It was developed by the UK’s Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), which will be providing a £1m grant to help fund the project.

The company says that while the technology is currently being tested in a number.

local areas, it has a number that is already used by people who can’t afford a fixed toilet paper.

“We’ve seen that it’s been very helpful in people who need help finding a place and finding a toilet and it also has a benefit for the environment,” said RNIB’s David Anderson.

He said the company is not sure how many people have used it, but estimated that it has seen at least 1,000 people use it in the last two months.

“The main benefit is for people who might have trouble finding a permanent home and the main benefit for us is that it also reduces landfill and water use.”

So it’s a pretty fantastic way to get the point across that there are people who really need help in the short term and are really in need of help.

“The company is working with other organisations to make the dispenser available to as many people as possible.

It has also set up a website where people can contact the company to find out more.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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